Access to shopping malls, the arts, major sporting events, and more.


Over 1,000 residents of mainly German Catholic heritage


Referred to as “the biggest little town in Illinois”

Village of Albers, IL

The Village of Albers, IL is a small rural community located along Illinois 161 and the Southern Railway in the southwest portion of Clinton County, Illinois, about 34 miles east-southeast of St. Louis, Missouri. Albers is a steadily growing community of over 1,000 residents of mainly German Catholic heritage. In years past, Albers was sometimes referred to as “the biggest little town in Illinois”, a tribute to the amount of business it did in comparison to its size, both in terms of population and area. At one time, Albers was also home to Monterey Coal Mine #2, one of Illinois’ largest. Albers provides a peaceful residential life while at the same time allowing easy access to major activities such as shopping malls, the arts, and major sporting events.

JULY 3, 2019

Our BLAST-OFF PARADE & FIREWORKS! is a long-standing tradition in Albers, bringing in many visitors and showing the best of our town!

To ensure this great tradition continues, funding for our fireworks show is needed!  All residents are asked to make a small donation of $10-$20 per household.  Businesses and organizations are also asked to help support this event!  A bigger, better show is being planned for this year’s BLAST-OFF PARADE & FIREWORKS!, costing approximately $7,000!  Your help is greatly needed to meet this goal!  Your generosity will ensure this fun, family-friendly event continues well into the future.

Donations may be made by clicking on the button at the right or be mailed to Albers Village Hall, ATTN: Fireworks, 206 West Dwight Street, PO Box 132, Albers, IL  62215-0132, dropped in the box at the Village Hall rear parking lot, or via PayPal.  Checks made payable to “Albers Commercial Club”. 

Thank you in advance for supporting the BLAST-OFF PARADE & FIREWORKS! 

The American Legion will be offering great food and drinks beginning at 4p.m.  

See you at the celebration!

Al Loepker, Sherri Haukap, Brenda Kassen and Deb Schomaker
 Albers Commercial Club Officers